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OPEN LETTER TO DJ CUPPY!! Nigerians Don’t Hate You, You Only Need To Wake Up

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OPEN LETTER TO DJ CUPPY!! Nigerians Don’t Hate You, You Only Need To Wake Up


Dear DJ Cuppy,

Nigerians Don’t Hate You, You Only Need To Wake Up

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This is an address to DJ Cuppy’s perception that 80% of Nigerians don’t like her and the #FreeCuppy that trended on Twitter yesterday.

I’m not here to reference your success to the wealth of your father or how you leveraged on it to boost your brand to what it is today.

It will be so unfair if I didn’t applaud you from being hardworking enough to make yourself a household name in Africa, especially Nigerian.

You Are Exceptional

DJ Cuppy, you’ve been on a mission that I don’t key into recently and nothing from you will make me buy your tales and descriptions of how you’re not loved by 80% of the Nigerian people or how you need to be freed by your critics and trolls who won’t stop coming after you.

As it stands in the industry, you’re one of the very few female DJs Nigerians look up to and you’re not just amazing at what you do, you’re also bold, confident and above all, selfless – these are qualities anyone would admire in any beautiful lady like you.

However, comments about Nigerians and those trolling you seem to be coming from your emotional place, a very deep one.

Remember, all Nigerians cannot like you – just the same way you cannot like everyone.

The question is – Why do you think those who don’t like you don’t?

I’ve taken my time to read through your comments on Twitter and Instagram, Cuppy… you know what, you’re loved and appreciated by many, the few people who seem not to love you have two things in common;

They don’t like you because they feel you’re not talented ‘in singing’, and secondly, your father is too rich for them to believe, hence they beef what you have for they simply don’t have your father as theirs.

I’ve also had issues with your singing ability in the past, but you’ve proven yourself to be a work in progress and you’ve moved from that lady who struggles while singing to being commander-in-chief of music – at DJ level.

As a matter of fact, you’re better than most of your counterparts in the industry.

You Are One Of The Very Few DJ That Sings On Their Song

Most Nigerian DJs just make a hell of a noise in their own music than to drop a meaningful verse, but this isn’t you, Cuppy gives us reasonable lyrics and sings her heart out in her own songs.

Unlike many DJs who feature musicians to dominate their songs for them, your own type of feature is different, you collaborate with them and share the verses, and still deliver stunningly, despite being a DJ.

If anyone feels the need to label you talentless, I’m sure they are the ones who don’t understand what it means to be talented.

They need to check out your collaboration with Tekno on ‘Green Light’, your duet with Sarkodie on ‘Vybe’, just to mention a few, maybe they will have a change of mind, calm their heads and grab ‘Gelato’.

It’s Not Your Fault Your Father Is Femi Otedola

And for those trolling you for your father’s wealth, you have no reason to bother yourself about them. Many people will troll you for being a rich kid, and just for absolutely nothing. Is it your fault your father, Femi Otedola is wealthy?

Or are you the reason your father is not their father?

You need to wake up, don’t be too clouded by your emotions because the few negative comments are getting at you (real hard), instead, focus on those who love you and keep doing you.

L.O.V.E | P.E.A.C.E | G.E.L.A.T.O.

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Written by:- Adeyinka Oluwamayowa @MrSeptin911

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