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LYMYTZ – “Ijo To Gbayi” (Hip Hop)

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LYMYTZ - Ijo To Gbayi (Hip Hop)


Dance the dance of Joy, don’t be afraid to celebrate your success. Enemies run far.

Lymytz is an idea, that it’s never late to chase your dream. The mask is so as not to associate the brand with a particular individual.

Lymytz is about entertainment, feel good, party, and a grass to grace experience. The renewed hope that tomorrow will be better if you keep working in the direction of your dreams. Lymytz is the point at which, you can no longer be held down, it’s the point at which you can do your passion on your own terms. Push yourself to your Lymytz

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The current voice of Lymytz, dreamed of becoming a musician for as long as he can remember, because of his drive and passion, against the desire of his parents, he was made to leave home at an early age for refusing to drop the ambition.

He left home and struggled to make it on his own despite the obvious challenge of funds, which gradually took him further away from music, but he remained close to the industry, regardless.

He is now an established entrepreneur, with his own recording studio and the capacity to do what he always had in his heart to do.

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Today he is Lymytz! Who will it be next?

Listen to “Ijo To Gbayi” below

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